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the speed of a movement or activity

TEMPO was established to fill a void, and ignite an opportunity.

The built environment sector and the policy making that shapes it, along with the practitioners who plan and design it, have at times struggled to keep pace with digital transformation.


And the challenge is real - the pace of change is eyewatering! 


The way digital and data is shaping the built environment, and the economy, is the challenge for the decade. A decade that is relying on deep action to achieve our climate commitments, productivity gains and enhance human prosperity and wellbeing.

The built environment (that we shape) is one of the most significant contributors to our wellbeing and prosperity, and at TEMPO we believe digital and data can play a critical role.

But we need to pick up the tempo, and now!

Who is TEMPO?

Two built environment leaders who have championed digital and data-led transformation make up TEMPO - Gavin Cotterill and Adam Beck.

Adam Beck | Co-Founder and Director, TEMPO Institute

Adam is Head of Digital Urbanism at ENE.HUB, a digital infrastructure company helping shape high quality public places and spaces. He is an urbanist who has worked for private sector consultancies and leading global non-government organisations for almost 30 years.


Adam established the Smart Cities Academy while in his role as Founding Executive Director at Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand. He created the training program for the EcoDistricts Accredited Practitioner program in the United States, and before that led the education business at the Green Building Council of Australia in his capacity as Executive Director.

Gavin Cotterill | Co-Founder and Director, TEMPO Institute

Gavin is the founder and managing principal of GC3 Digital and is an acclaimed Digital Twin expert, who is trusted by public and private executives to develop world leading Digital Twin strategies and programs.


With a career spanning three decades and with diverse experience across the built and natural environment Gavin demonstrates a unique blend of policy, strategy, and business case experience. Gavin is a visionary leader committed to building a greener, more equitable world. He champions a better future through his leadership efforts in various industry groups.

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Adam Beck

+61 422 496 043

Gavin Cotterill

+61 477 718 777

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