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Why this Course?

The way digital and data are shaping the built environment and the economy is the challenge for the decade. A decade that is relying on dramatic transformation to achieve our climate commitments, productivity gains, and enhance human prosperity and well-being.

The built environment (that we shape) is one of the most significant contributors to our well-being and prosperity. At TEMPO, digital and data can play a role.


Organisations need forward-thinking people who understand the new industry dynamics and competitive pressures.


On this microcredential, you’ll explore key elements of the Digital Twin strategic landscape and the main technologies and applications leading this new digital built environment revolution.

Comprising a suite of learning modules underpinned by standards, driven by best practices, and informed by real-life experience, this microcredential is the first of its kind globally.


The goal is to support the capability development of policy makers and practitioners in shaping high-performing built environments and will help you gain the skills you need to apply for a role in Digital Twin.


Digital Twin is the starting point for this transformation, and this microcredential is the enabler for action.

Learning Outcomes

The Digital Twin microcredential equips policy makers, practitioners, and enthusiasts with knowledge through four (4) modules.


The learning outcomes of the microcredential modules include:

  • Building your understanding of Digital Twin, what benefits it can bring to an organisation or project, and how you build a roadmap to success

  • Orienting you with a deep understanding of the five (5) core Digital Twin capabilities

  • Gaining hands-on experience in building Digital Twin use cases

  • Creating a roadmap that will guide your Digital Twin strategy and leadership efforts

  • Growing your knowledge of the necessary technology and data enablers to support Digital Twin capability.

Microcredential Structure

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Fundamentals (3 hours)

It all starts with the fundamentals - the what, why and how. This module will cover definitions, benefits, standards, capabilities and examples of use cases and case studies.

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Strategy & Leadership (3 hours)

Following the identification of use cases for your organisation, building the necessary strategy and leadership capabilities, along with technical capabilities, is essential. Module 3 will cover these issues and equip you with a Digital Twin Roadmap for your organisation or project.

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Use Cases (3 hours)

This module involves an overview of how to build a use case library for your organisation, in a way that is aligned with your organisation’s goals, community aspirations and environmental context. Students will participate in a hands-on use case ideation workshop.

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Technology & Data Enablers (3 hours)

The last piece of the Digital Twin puzzle is to have a plan to grow your technology and data capability to support the needs of your strategy. In this Module you will be oriented with the key decisions you must navigate in selecting your technology and data enablers, and their purpose.

Each of the four modules is delivered by the facilitators online via Zoom.


There are three progressive awards that form the Digital Twin microcredential. At the successful completion of all modules, the microcredential is awarded. However the curricular and assessment items have been designed in a way that the microcredential can be broken into standalone modules and achieved individually.

Therefore the credentialing is issued in three parts as follows:

Digital Twin Fundamentals - awarded following successful completion of the module 1 assessment item

Digital Twin Strategy and Leadership - awarded following successful completion of the module 2 and 3 assessment items

Digital Twin Microcredential - awarded following the successful completion of all modules (1-4) and the assessment items.

Credentialling from TEMPO is issued via Credly, one of the world's leading digital credential platforms. This ensures your credentials are shareable, verified and up to date. The Credly platform can provide anyone seeking to verify your credential with the relevant information about the modules - the learning outcomes, assessment outcomes and the skills obtained. Further information about TEMPO's digital credential process can be found here.


Registration Fees

Individuals can register for modules individually, or at a reduced full package rate, as follows:

  • Module 1: $450 (+GST)

  • Module 2 and 3: $900 (+GST)

  • Module 4: $450 (+GST)

  • All four modules ($1,800 - 20% discount): $1,440 (+GST)

There is also an on demand e-learning version of Module 1 available at $550 (+GST)

Price on application for organisations seeking multiple staff participation, or in-house delivery options for individual or all modules.


TEMPO is accepting registrations for its bootcamp series for 2024, with the following dates scheduled:


Bootcamp: July 2024

  • Monday 22nd | 9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 4:00pm AEST

  • Tuesday 23rd | 9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 4:00pm AEST

Modules 1 and 2 are delivered on the first day, and modules 3 and 4 on the second day. Each module is delivered online with course facilitators.

What is a Microcredential?

Microcredentials are designed to upskill you for work in rapidly-growing industries, without the time and cost commitment of a full tertiary education degree. A microcredential can stand alone as an independent credential (like the TEMPO Digital Twin Microcredential), however some educators also offer academic credit to use towards a full tertiary degree.

The Digital Twin Microcredential supports your career growth by providing an environment where you:

  1. Learn from industry experts in an online environment with a dedicated group of peers who you get to learn from and network with over multiple sessions

  2. Complete project-based assessments using replicable and customisable templates you can reuse, and that are assessed in a way to test your understanding

  3. Earn a credential based on assessments and excercises that are competency based.

With this first-of-a-kind credential you equip yourself with marketing content and will position you for additional project opportunities, employment progression and differentiation in competitive environments.

Delivered by Experts

Being delivered by the TEMPO Co-Founders, your primary education leaders bring to each session a wealth of knowledge and expertise.


As the modules progress and more specialised content is delivered, industry peers who have deep expertise in areas such as privacy, security, information management and technology platforms are welcomed as TEMPO Faculty to share their knowledge and support your growth.

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